Good parents keep their children safe on the road, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: Parents who love their children make sure they are properly seated and safely buckled-up when travelling in their cars. Those parents who speed with their children in vehicles, or do not make sure they are safely seated, are guilty of reckless endangerment and their love for their family must be called into question, a UAE paper commented today.

“Parents take the lives of their children into their hands every time they place them in a car and they are responsible for their safety. However, almost every day on the roads children can be seen hanging out of windows, not buckled-up in the front seat, sitting in speeding cars or distracting drivers,” the “Gulf News” said in its editorial.

If parents are not able to properly look after their children then the law must step in. Those seen to be driving careless with their children must face harsh fines and penalties; after all, reckless endangerment of life is a serious offence. Those who do not ensure the safety of their children while driving should be deprived of their licences and their vehicles, or they might lose their families in a tragic accident, the paper added.