GOIC to organise a training workshop on anti-dumping

DOHA, 9th May, 2016 (WAM) — The Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consulting, GOIC, is to hold a workshop entitled, “Systemic and Economic Aspects of Anti-Dumping (How to Protect your Enterprise from Dumping)” at its headquarters in Doha, Qatar, from May 15th to 17th.

The workshop aims to explain the systemic and economic aspects to combat dumping that affects strategic industrial goods in the Arabian Gulf. It focuses on indicators and tools to detect dumping and their capacity to identify challenges that the industrial sector faces.

The objectives include discussing the concept of ‘dumping’ according to international definitions as recognised by the World Trade Organisation, WTO, determining protection levels of national industries in accordance with international treaties, identifying dumping indicators in the GCC markets and tackling potential dumping issues that Gulf industries might face.

The workshop underlines the role of the Anti-Dumping Technical Secretariat of the GCC Secretariat-General and applicable national measures that are currently adopted by anti-dumping institutions. The workshop will also explain key steps to combat dumping in Gulf markets.