German authorities evacuate 7,500 people to clear World War II bombs

HANOVER, 15th August, 2016 (WAM) — German officials closed traffic on an autobahn and evacuated 7,500 people in the city of Hanover on Sunday to clear several sites of unexploded bombs from World War II.

According to the German Press Agency, DPA, weapons disposal specialists had discovered multiple unexploded shells at three search sites by Sunday afternoon. Previous road resurfacing work along the A2 Autobahn had led officials to mark the sites for further examination.

The specialists found a British bomb that was deemed harmless as well as a US aerial mine with three fuses that officials then detonated, Hanover Fire Department spokesman said.

The officials also discovered incendiary bombs, designed to start fires, that they transported to another location to be disarmed.

The autobahn closure brought traffic to standstill in both directions for approximately four kilometres in one direction and three kilometres in the other, a highway spokeswoman said.