Director of Dubai Customs applauds first in-house scientific paper

DUBAI, Director of Dubai Customs Ahmed Mahboob Musabih applauded the first scientific research paper, issued in-house by the Service Innovation Department.

These academic research papers and studies are the stepping stones which lead to more knowledge and progress in all aspects of life, Musabih said.

Musabih thanked Hussam Juma, Director of Service Innovation Department and his team in his office for this achievement.

“These scientific papers are very important to us. They inform action, to prove a theory, and contribute to developing knowledge in our field,” Musabih added.

Juma presented and discussed the scientific paper with which Dubai Customs recently participated in the ISPIM, International Society for Professional Innovation Management, Conference in Japan.

Titled “Steering Innovation by Tapping the Power of Human Capital and Knowledge”, the paper has been approved and recognised among 160 scientific papers.

“The participation of Dubai Customs in such prestigious and reputed journals and conferences aims at increasing its worldwide competitiveness as well as raising Dubai’s and UAE’s Global Innovation Index through research and development,” Juma said.

The research paper highlighted the strong correlation between knowledge, research and development, and innovation. It was based on a survey that included 129 innovation managers and leaders in Dubai Government and concluded that there is a strong proportional relationship between innovation maturity and knowledge production.

Source: Emirates News Agency