Cyclone Luban will not affect UAE: NCM

ABU DHABI, The tropical cyclone category 1 named Luban will have no direct effect on the UAE for the coming five days, the National Centre of Meteorology, NCM, has said.

The Centre has further stated that it is closely monitoring the situation on the hour and will provide updates accordingly, urging the public to follow-up the official reports by the NCM and avoid rumours.

The tropical cyclone category (1) in the west of the Arabian Sea, is located at a latitude 14.5 N and longitude 58.0 E, 500 km east-southeast from Salalah, 490 km east-northeast from Socotra, moving at speed 07 km / h. Wind speed around the centre is reaching 125 to 145 km / h.

According to the NCM the cyclone is continuing to move west-northwest toward the Omani and Yemeni coasts. The wind speed around the centre will be 125 to 145 km/h during the upcoming 24 hr.

Source: Emirates News Agency