Canada has no place for hatred: paper

ABU DHABI, 31st January, 2017 (WAM) — Canadian security officials and Quebec police are still trying to get to the bottom of a mass shooting at a mosque in a suburb of Quebec City late on Sunday. While six people have been killed and dozens injured, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has made it clear that the incident is terrorist-related. Two suspects have been detained.

In an editorial on Tuesday, Gulf News said, “This incident is a blight, a hideous abnormality in Canada’s sterling record in promoting religious and ethnic harmony. The terrorist attack occurred virtually at the same time as Trudeau was offering to the world Canada’s very magnanimous and graceful welcome to all Muslims and refugees who have been turned away from the US as a result of the travel ban imposed by US President Donald Trump.

The paper went on to say, “Indeed, the very actions of Trump in dividing families, separating people and excluding travellers on the basis of religion and passport has expounded a level of paranoia that exists within his support base. With a government and White House administration willing to exclude them, it’s not a big step to allow these anti-Muslim sentiments turn to extremists and violence. If the government cares little about equal rights, it creates an environment for hatred to fester.

“While former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was opposed to taking in Syrian refugees or those from conflict zones, Trudeau has opened Canada’s doors, welcomed the desperate and the destitute, and has once against restored Canada’s rightful place as an open and embracing land.

“When it comes to diversity and inclusivity, the Ottawa government has raised the bar, offering new lives and new beginnings to those who have fled persecution, political violence, natural disasters and regions of conflict. It matters not a person’s colour, their beliefs, their backgrounds, all are welcome. Unlike Canada’s neighbour’s to the south, it matters not the nation of origin nor the beliefs.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were killed or injured in Sunday’s terrorist attack. Words fail to express the hatred that must be in the hearts of those who perpetrate such evil deeds.

“If there are words of comfort, it comes from knowing that this murderous event is roundly condemned by Canadians, and by all right-thinking people anywhere else too.

The paper concluded by saying, “Instead of focusing on this evil deed, we should focus on the generosity and welcome offered by that nation to the oppressed and persecuted. That is the real spirit of Canada.”