UAE to host Leading Seven Countries of the World for Digital Transformation of Education Initiative

LONDON, 28th January, 2017 (WAM) — The UAE has been chosen to host the Leading Seven Countries of the World for the Digital Transformation of Education Initiative this year, reinforcing its position as a world leader in technology in the field of education.

The country has made great advancements in developing SMART learning programmes in a very short period. This has led to a positive transformation in education within government schools which have shown impressive results and surpassed other leading countries in the field of IT.

The Mohammed bin Rashid’s Smart Learning Program (MBRSLP) was recently in London to participate in the British Education and Training Technology Exhibition (BETT). The visit highlighted the UAE’s continuous approach to leadership and excellence, as well as its commitment towards bringing the latest technologies to educational and community development goals while sharing the country’s unique experience with students and researchers. BETT is a leading global example of the transformation to SMART schools and is considered a unique platform to share knowledge and visions in the IT sector for supporting education.

During the Education World Forum that was held in London alongside BETT, Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, announced that the UAE would be hosting the digital education initiative.

“It is an honour to host this important initiative, especially as the UAE is one of the seven leading founding members. We are the first and only Arab country to support its cause by making great efforts to provide the highest levels of education. Our participation in BETT demonstrates our country’s great achievements in the education sector, one of the most important pillars in the UAE. As we look towards the future, this initiative will drive creativity and innovation for the younger generations, and eventually, help in achieving the UAE’s 2021 vision. The event will serve as an interactive platform by sharing ideas and experiences in IT from all over the world to accomplish human development, especially those related to education,” Director-General of MBRSLP Mohammed Gheyath said.

In London, Mohammed Gheyath also met many international leaders including Axelle Lemaire, French Minister of State for Digital Affairs; Naji Jalul, Tunisian Minister of Education; Pavlo Khoazy, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Education & Science; Florence Robine, Director-General for School Education at France Ministry of National Education, as well as a Polish a delegation from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.