Arab Coalition Forces with help of UAE Air Force destroys Iranian made unmanned aircraft in Mokha, Yemen

ABU DHABI, 28th January, 2017 (WAM) — Arab Coalition Forces with the help of UAE Air Force in Yemen have destroyed an Iranian military drone in north Mokha port city in Yemen, a Yemeni military source has said.

The aircraft was at a mobile launching platform, intended to target Yemeni forces participating in the liberation of Mokha city and Port.

General Ahmed Saif Al Yafei, Deputy Chief of General Staff of Yemeni Armed Forces said that Yemeni forces detected the aircraft during surveillance of North Mokha Area, adding that the aircraft was about to take off for its mission when it was destroyed by an air to surface missile in coordination with the UAE Air Force operating in Yemen.

He said that the rebel militias after being trapped have started using the smuggled weapons from Iran to Yemen, including this unmanned aircraft.

He also stressed that the presence of these Iranian weapons in Yemen, clearly show the blatant Iranian interference in Yemen’s crisis, and attempts by Tehran to destabilise the region and threaten peace in Yemen. Supply of sophisticated weapons and equipment to rebel militias by Iran is a desperate attempt to undermine the successive victories of forces that support legitimate government of Yemen backed by the Arab Coalition.

General Al Yafei called on the international community to take on its shoulders the responsibility of foiling Iranian attempts to exacerbate the worsening internal security situation in Yemen.

He added that Iran is trying to eliminate any chance for the success of the political process, and keep aflame the crisis in the Arab Republic in an attempt to impose sinister agenda and create a model similar to the Lebanese Hezbollah in Yemen.