DWE delegation visits Etihad Museum

DUBAI, 28th January, 2017 (WAM) — A delegation of the Dubai Women Establishment, DWE, recently visited Etihad Museum, following its official inauguration.

During the visit, DWE representatives toured the museum through experience led-exhibitions which chronicle the events and the historical journey that led to the formation of the Union of the Emirates through photos, films, documentaries and collectibles.

Shamsa Saleh, CEO of DWE stressed the importance of encouraging residents, Emiratis and tourists, as well as university and school students to visit the museum. “Etihad Museum is a positive and proud representation of the UAE’s history and cultural heritage. Everything we have achieved as a nation comes as a result of the union.

“The museum celebrates our patriotism and ideals as a united nation which inspires us and future generations to continue pursuing the values of our unified Emirati home,” she added.

Abdullah Mohammed Al Falasi, Director of Etihad Museum said, ” We were pleased to receive the delegation and present our various exhibits and collections, which spread the spirit of union and a sense of belonging amongst visitors, particularly historical content and artefacts related to the journey of the union and our founding fathers. We look forward to receiving further delegations from various national institutions, which will contribute to achieving the museum’s objectives.”

Etihad Museum features eight permanent galleries in addition to a temporary gallery to exhibit items from international museums, as well as a theatre for special occasions, cultural conferences and various programmes. The theatre also screens introductory films and short screenings about the museum, taking visitors through a historical journey of the UAE’s development.