Final tests of Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum Quran Contest to commence from 30th January

DUBAI, 29th January, 2016 (WAM) — The final tests of the 17th edition of the Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum Quran Contest, a major category of the 13-branch Dubai International Holy Quran Award, DIHQA, are to run from Jan 30th to Feb 12th.

Male contestants are to sit the examinations at the headquarters of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award for 10 days whereas female memorisers will be tested at the Women Renaissance Society for 12 days.

Ibrahim Bu Melha, Head of DIHQA Organising Committee and Adviser to the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs, said the contest is gaining popularity among young Quran memorisers across the country.

“The public are urged to attend the sessions of the contest along with their kids to encourage them to memorise the holy Quran and follow the shiny steps of participants.”

Prof Mohammed Abdulrahim Sultan-al-Ulama, head of the competition unit, DIHQA, said as many as 187 contestants, including 82 male participants and 105 female memorisers are to compete in seven different branches. “The 8th branch, dedicated for special needs people, is to see 10 male and 14 female contestants while the 9th section is to see new Muslims memorisers for the first time ever.”

Ahmed Al Zahid, head of the media unit, said all DIHQA units are geared up for the popular nationwide competition. “Valuable cash and in-kind prizes await the audience.”

Participants in the first category, be they Emiratis or residents, need to memorise the Quran in full (30 parts), but applicants for the second and third branches have to learn 20 and ten parts in turn, he explained. “Residents up to 10 years old may compete in 5-part category while Emiratis up to 10 years old may participate in the 3-part category.”

Full Quran memorisers, who should have participated in a previous edition of the same contest, may compete in the 7th category dedicated for Qiraat (Rewayas) or art of recitation – spanning the schools of Warsh, Qaloon, and Al Duri. “Residents up to 21 years old, who memorise the Quran in full, may also participate in this category while female contestants have no age limit.”

Al Zahid said Emiratis, be they men or women, of any age may however compete in any of the six of the nine categories, except the 6th which is only open for memorisers up to 10 years old, and the recently opened two sections for new Muslims and special needs Quran memorisers.”

Meanwhile, the competition unit, chaired by Prof Sultan-al-Ulama, had an important meeting to discuss the arbitration rules of the final examinations, and the updated regulations in the presence of Sami Abdulaziz.