Jordan King underlines role of US Muslim community in clarifying true image of Islam

WASHINGTON, 12th January, 2016 (WAM) — His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan has stressed the importance of the role and efforts of U.S. Arab and Muslim leaders in highlighting the true image of Islam, especially amid attempts to distort Islam by extremists and terrorists.

During a meeting with representatives of the Arab and Muslim organizations in Washington, the King said terrorism is the most pressing challenge facing the whole world and fighting it remains a priority for the Arabs and Muslims, because it’s their war in the first place.

According to Jordan news agency, Petra, His Majesty the King asserted that the war on terrorism, which threatens many countries in Asia and Africa, should be mounted in within a holistic approach against extremist and terrorist organisations, particularly the terrorist Da’esh group.

In this context, the King said there is a central role of Arab and Muslim organisations in the United States in supporting efforts by various parties to address the threat of terrorism and extremism, by highlighting the true image of Islam and its values and teachings of tolerance, and build bridges of cooperation, understanding and love between the East and the West.

The King pointed out that the war on terror has an ideological aspect in addition to its military and security aspects. He warned that Islamophobia has become rampant in Western societies.

His Majesty the King spoke about the latest developments in Syria, and international efforts to achieve a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian crisis to end the cycle of violence and killings and stop the suffering of the Syrian people.

King Abdullah highlighted burdens being borne by Jordan as a result of hosting about 1.4 million Syrian refugees and providing them with basic needs and services. He called on the international community to stand by the Jordan and extend more support to the Kingdom.

In this context, the King referred to a conference to be held in London early next month with the participation of a large number of Western countries, which will discuss ways who to address the Syrian refugee problem in the world in general, and in Jordan in particular.

His Majesty called for addressing economic challenges in the Middle East, particularly high unemployment rate and widespread poverty, warning that economic hardships and the lack of opportunities make young people in the Middle East a prey to terrorism and extremism.

King Abdullah described the Palestinian cause as the crux of the conflict in the region, stressing the importance of reviving the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis, saying that the absence of peace negotiations fuels violence and increases extremism in the region and pushes it into the unknown.