Gargash heads UAE delegation at Arab Foreign Ministers Conference in Cairo

Cairo: Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr.Anwar Mohammed Gargash headed the UAE delegation at the 138th meeting of the Arab League Council on the level of ministers that opened today at the League headquarters in Cairo.

Inaugurating the meeting, Egyptian President Dr. Mohammed Morsi urged the Syrian regime to leave power “now” before thinking to “make the right decision at the wrong time”.

“I tell the Syrian regime ‘there is still a chance to end the bloodshed’. Now is the time for change… no time to be wasted talking about reform. So do not listen to the voices of those who encourage you to stay, because you will not stay long in power. More over, the Syrian people have made their voice clear,” said Morsi.

He continued: “The revolutionary Egypt is committed not to export the revolution to the outer world and to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries. At the same time it supports the Arab peoples in their struggle for freedom and dignity”.

He urged Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to learn from the recent history and step aside without wasting time.

The Syrian blood that is being shed day and night, we are responsible for this,” Morsi said. “We cannot sleep while Syrian blood is being shed.” “I call on you, Arab foreign ministers, to work hard to find an urgent solution to the tragedy in Syria,” Morsi said.

The current session is being chaired by Lebanon following Kuwait.