Friends of Cancer Patients receives Dhs1m from Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance

Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP), an affiliate of the Health Education Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, has received a cheque to the value of Dhs1m from Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance (ADNIF), the Islamic finance and banking arm of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), as part of its Zakat funds.

FOCP received the cheque during a discussion panel held at the Council where FOCP members gave an overview on the Society’s upcoming activities for the second half of 2012 along with a detailed presentation on its previous achievements and future aspirations.

At the conclusion of the panel, HE Ameera BinKaram, FOCP President and Founding Member, received a cheque of 1 million from Dr. Ghassan Taher Telfah, Head of Sharia’a Compliance Dept.

BinKaram expressed her profound gratitude and appreciation for the high conscience of ADNIF and its Zakat branches and stressed that the company’s eagerness to support FOCP activities came in response to the future plans set by the Society’s Board of Trustees which aim to expand the umbrella of its services to include providing treatment to the largest possible number of cancer patients and raising awareness about the disease through awareness campaigns on the most common types of cancer in the UAE.

Praising ADNIF’s efforts, Bin Karam said, “The company’s commitment to allocating part of its Zakat funds for the Society sets an example that must be emulated by other public and private institutions and individuals as there are many cancer patients who cannot afford the cost of treatment and are in need for money, especially that Sharia Fatwas allowed allocation of Zakat funds for treating needy patients, thus enabling the society to provide various services of great benefit for our community, as well as ensuring the sustainable safety of the community across various fields.”

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Ghassan Taher Telfah, Head of Sharia’a Compliance Dept. interest in allocating part of its Zakat funds for the Friends of Cancer Patients is not new as the company gave a donation of Dhs250, 000 to the society last year, and our eagerness to increase the Zakat amount this year stems from our belief that the rapid development and diversification of the UAE’s society has lead to an increase in the numbers of cancer patients who cannot afford expensive treatment costs, a fact that prompts us to provide every possible support to help whomever is in need of our help.”

“Allocation of Zakat alimony for the FoCP comes as part of a program set by the company to diversify its services out of our belief that most members of the community do not realize that Zakat can be given to cancer patients, and hence we must give our Zakat to effective society institutions which provide humanitarian services to individuals within a well organised and efficient framework,” Telfh added.

He said the Friends of Cancer Patients is one of the most important societies and is known for its tremendous efforts in fighting cancer and promoting awareness about the causes and methods of prevention of cancer, and hence he would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm ADNIF’s continuous support and permanent cooperation with FoCP.

Telfah also presented a cheque of Dhs1m to Mona Abdul Karim Al Yafi, Director of Al Wafa School at the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, as well as handing over a cheque of 1 hundred thousand to Dr Marwan Abdul Majeed Al Abdullah, Executive Director of Khor Fakkan Club.

The Friends of Cancer Patients is the sole organization in the UAE that aims to enhance public awareness about cancer and organize awareness campaigns about various kinds of cancer and its related malignant diseases. The Society is also dedicated to providing both chemical and psychological treatment to cancer patients, in addition to providing moral support to the families of patients and how to deal with cancer patients.

The Society consists of a number of male and female volunteers, including doctors, nurses, individuals, students, and the families of patients from various nationalities, who have undertaken the responsibility of helping and supporting cancer patients.