Foreign Ministry urges all nationals to leave Lebanon immediately

ABU DHABI: Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry Juma Mubarak Al Jenaibi has called nationals of the UAE leave Lebanon immediately and warned against visiting Lebanon currently.

The alert was issued after the UAE Embassy in Beirut had received information about the UAE nationals being targeted and because of the difficult and sensitive circumstances in Lebanon,” Al Jenaibi said.

“Travelling to Lebanon currently may be dangerous for UAE nationals,” he added urging nationals for complete adherence to the warning until further notice from the Foreign Ministry.

The official affirmed that the UAE has total interest in the safety of its nationals as “all available information make it inevitable for us to warn our national against visiting Lebanon currently.” All UAE nationals who are already in Lebanon and face difficulties in leaving or need help are urged to call the UAE Embassy in Beirut at 00961857000 or the Foreign Ministry at 80044444, Al Jenaibi added.