FM, Hungarian officials hold talks in Budapest, 4th add

Responding to a question, Safadi said, “The Kingdom has strategic partnership with the European Union and with the EU countries of the Union, and we highly appreciate the support they provide to help us do what we can to provide a decent life for the refugees.” He added, “We are the largest refugee-hosting country in relation to the number of the world’s population, so while we appreciate this support, we must also point to the fact that this support is declining, not only to refugees and host communities, but also to international organizations concerned with providing support to refugees.” Safadi added that the World Food Program, for example, will reduce the its services to about ten thousand Syrian refugees in Jordan, and the High Commissioner for Refugees has begun to reduce its services as well due to the lack of full financial support. Safadi warned that stopping these two organizations from providing their services will exacerbate the suffering of the refugees, and the host countries. “We have reached the limit of our ability to tolerate asylum,” he added, calling on the international community to take practical steps to provide the necessary support to help host countries provide a decent life for refugees. “We in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have done everything we can for the refugees to obtain the requirements of a decent life, because these are victims of conflicts and should not be victims of neglect or failure to provide what they deserve of a decent life,” Safadi said. He added, “Investing in refugees is an investment in our common security, because if we give refugees hope, give them education, and make them feel that we stand with them in their suffering, they will be able to contribute to the communities in which they live, an they will be able to rebuild their country when they return to it, but if we abandon them and make them victims of despair, ignorance and deprivation, we will be facing a great challenge in the future.”

Source: Jordan News Agency