First Fujairah NASA intern returns from 4 month mission work in Silicon Valley

Dubai: The historic Emirati NASA interns have again made history -this time with the completion of work by its newest research fellow -a female UAE University chemical engineering student who hails from a small traditional village of Thoban in Fujairah.

While Maryam’s work at NASA focused on solid waste processing, other mission work undertaken by the UAE NASA research fellows have focused on phone sats (satellites), gray water recycling, remote sensing, avionics, platinum Leed green building automation, mars rovers, and more. The innovative work has taken place at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California under official Agreement between the UAE’s Arab Youth Venture Foundation and NASA, the USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The NASA UAE innovative partnership program has now seem 16 UAE nationals work inside the restricted areas of NASA for up to four months on mission work that has provided immersive practical and team work experiences and is aimed at empowering the next generation of Emiratis toward success in their dynamic careers in burgeoning strategic business sectors in the UAE.

According to Fujairah’s Maryam Yammahi, “This was a great opportunity for me to join one of the most magnificent scientific organizations of the world (NASA). Being a part of this program was a dream and as a chemical engineering university student, I am very proud to have worked with excellent researchers in the area of .solid waste processing and how water absorption affects different materials – particularly spacesuits. Living in the US also had a good affect on my personality -I became a more responsible, communicative and patient team member and living in the US also taught me to respect the rules and be more active. Now that I’m home I will certainly use what I learnt at NASA in my coming years to be a good engineer for the UAE”.

Lisa LaBonte, CEO of AYVF commented, “Adding our first Fujeirah intern to the UAE NASA alumni base is highly valuable in many respects, particiularly in terms of education and outreach to impact younger students. Maryam will have the ability to make a positive impact as to the merits of studying math and science through her local schools visits and related events.