Federal Supreme Court reserves ruling till 31st January in terrorist organisation case

ABU DHABI, 11th January, 2016 (WAM) — The State Security Circuit at the Federal Supreme Court, headed by Judge Mohammed Al Jarah Al Tunaiji, today reserved its ruling until 31st January in a state security case in which 11 people, including Gulf and Arab nationals, and one17-year-old Emirati are involved.

Four of the accused continue to be fugitives.

The court charged the defendants of joining the Daesh terrorist organisation after they had entered the territory of an Arab country, where they joined this organisation and took part and promoted its terrorist activities at a public place. They were also charged with providing funds and managing a website to promote the ideas of this organisation with the aim to damage the reputation and prestige of the state, as well as insult its symbols.

Earlier, the court heard the pleadings of the public prosecutor who demanded punishment to the defendants in the light of the charges against them. The defendants had categorically denied all the charges against them. The defence lawyers pleaded that their clients were innocent and called for dropping the charges against them.