Fans League heats up 2022-23 ADNOC Pro League’s stands

ABU DHABI, The fierce competition among all UAE clubs’ fans returns to action, coinciding with the start of the 2022-23 ADNOC Pro League amid great anticipation from all fans to show support for their clubs from the stands.

During the 2021-22 season, the UAE Pro League launched the Fans League prize in a joint effort with clubs, aimed to boost fan attendance through the “Periodic Fans League Prize” for clubs with the highest average attendance over three matchweeks.

The UAE Pro League made an amendment to the second edition of the Fans League prize as the prizes will be awarded to the first and second spot clubs, which had the highest average fan attendance after the end of every matchweek.

The home side club, who will win the first spot in the Fans League prize, will be awarded AED60,000, while the away side club, who sits first, will earn AED40,000.

Meanwhile, the second-placed hosts will be awarded AED40,000, while the second-placed visitors club will gain AED30,000.

The UAE Pro League set up two essential conditions to decide the Fans League winners: the minimum attendance must be no less than 2, 500 fans for the hosts and 700 fans for the visitors.

The 2022-23 ADNOC Pro League season will kick off on 2nd and 3rd September, with anticipation growing to see a brilliant season from all clubs.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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