Famous Announcer in the UAE, Manal, Donated Liver to Her Father in Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A famous announcer in the UAE, Manal, recently donated her right liver to her father in Korea.

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Mr. Ahmed Rashed Alshehhi, diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, came to Korea in July 2016. The Korean team of experts from Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), Pf. Suh, Kyung-Suk and Pf. Lee, Kwang-Woong, successfully performed laparoscopic living donor liver transplantation on him with his daughter as the donor, in August 2016. They all returned to the UAE healthy and without complications.

All the family members offered to be a donor for their father’s liver transplantation, but the medical team’s judgment was that Manal was the most suitable candidate and proceeded with the operation. In particular, they underwent surgery, by laparoscope, which is a highly sophisticated procedure performed only in a limited number of centers worldwide. SNUH started to perform almost all donor surgeries by pure laparoscopy, since late last year.

Manal said, “The medical staff in Korea was fantastic. Despite the surgery being long and difficult, their dedicated service, gave me a pleasant memory. I am so happy that my father is healthy. His recovery was quick due to the laparoscopic surgery, and above anything else I am glad there is minimal scarring.”

The level of organ transplantation in Korea is world-class, there are about 1,400 cases performed annually and are under the government’s strict management.

There are strict ethical regulations, especially when a foreign patient, such as one from the UAE, is undergoing organ transplantation. They have to bring a family member as a donor for living donor liver transplantation. The documents to prove family relationship should be submitted after notarization by local Korean Embassy.

Pf. Lee Kwang-Woong, said, “In Korea, there are about 900 cases of living donor liver transplantation every year to treat liver cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma and the success rate is very high.” He also said, “SNUH carried out liver transplantation surgeries last year for Russian and Mongolian patients, and recorded a 0% death rate.”

Meanwhile, SNUH has been sending their medical staff to Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital (SKSH) since 2015 to promote advanced medical technology in the UAE. SNUH participated in the ‘Korea Medical Tourism Convention in UAE’ held in Abu Dhabi on November 10th, which attracted the attention of many Arabic countries by promoting Korean medical care through medical consultation and presentation for about more than 150 patients who visited SNUH booth.

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