FAHR reveals results of study on performance of remote work system during current crisis

DUBAI, The Federal Authority for Human Resources, FAHR, revealed the results of a recent study on the national performance of the remote work system adopted during the current crisis.

The study included 53 ministries and federal authorities and involved 6,327 employees.

Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Human Resources Policies at the Authority, stated that the study is part of a series of measures taken by the authority during the current crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

She added that the study will help federal authorities, especially FAHR, to draft appropriate policies, prepare for the future, and organise the remote work process, to protect the health and safety of employees and maintain productivity.

“The results showed that 91 percent of federal government employees are satisfied with the implementation of the remote work system during the current crisis, and 96 percent stressed that their employers have adopted the system, while 92 percent noted that their efforts are being documented and monitored on a daily or weekly basis,” Al Suwaidi said.

Some 85 percent of participants also explained that their workplaces provided them with the technologies required for remote work, and 61 percent noted that they did not experience any problems.

The results showed that 73 percent of employees are working remotely full-time, while 22 percent are working part-time.

According to the study, 2,327 participants work in jobs that do not require them to provide government services to external customers, but their work does require the use of electronic or smart systems, while 823 have jobs that require their physical presence at their workplaces to perform tasks that cannot be completed electronically.

Some 90 percent of participants noted that the management of their workplaces believe in the capacities of their employees to perform tasks remotely, and 83 percent stressed that customers are satisfied about the remote services they received.

Cabinet Resolution No. (27) for 2020 regarding Remote Work System in the Federal Government aims to provide multiple work options for employees and their entities, to achieve a better work – life balance, in a way that does not affect the entity’s goals, help talent attraction and retention, reduce the entities’ operational costs, provide government service outside official working hours and create new unconventional jobs.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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