Excellence workshops are bridge for communicating experiences between winners, candidates: Khalifa Award for Education

ABU DHABI, The General Secretariat of the Khalifa Award for Education stressed the importance of the applied excellence workshops programme that it implements in the educational field to introduce the areas presented for the 16th session 2022-2023, as these workshops represent a bridge for knowledge communication and exchange of experiences between winners, arbitrators and potential candidates for this session.


It includes 10 fields distributed over 17 A category that covers various fields of education, both university and pre-university, in which the door is opened for participation for the professionals in the educational field locally, internationally, and across the Arab region.


The General Secretariat of the award indicated that it organised yesterday the second applied workshop at the Teacher Training Institute in the Emirate of Ajman, in the presence of a large number of members of the administrative and teaching bodies at the state level and representatives of the relevant authorities in the fields presented.


Amal Al-Afifi, Secretary-General of the Khalifa Award for Education, indicated that the induction programme and the applied workshops enhance the award’s message to spread excellence in the educational not only locally but also across the Arab world and globally, especially in light of the diversity in the award’s fields, and what was recently proposed in the field of the Khalifa International Award for Early Learning, which is considered the first of its kind worldwide.


She explained that the Excellence Workshop at the Teacher Training Institute, in which the judges and winners spoke, and each of them provided guidance on the proposed fields, the nomination mechanisms and the criteria set for winning in each of them. Institutional educational performance category. Dr. Somaya Al-Shamayleh and Dr. Ahmed Salam presented a workshop on the field of people of determination, while Dr. Hussain Al-Othman and Shamsa bin Hammad presented a workshop on education, community service, the distinguished Emirati family category, and the mechanisms that lead the family to excellence and push children towards excellence, creativity, and leadership.


Yesterday’s programme of applied excellence workshops also included a workshop on creativity in teaching Arabic Language by Dr. Magdi Bin Soof and Maryam Al Kaabi, and the workshop touched on the importance of creativity in teaching Arabic as our mother tongue, and the need to devise on styles and methods of teaching that enhance this language to keep pace with technology and scientific development witnessed by the current times. Dr. Issam El-Din Ajami presented an applied workshop on excellence in higher education, and Dr. Abdullah Al-Munazel presented another for educational research, while Dr. Ghanem Al-Bastami and Nahid Al-Kaabi spoke at a workshop of excellence on the educational authorship for children and its role in expanding the child’s perceptions and opening the horizons of creativity, innovation, and leadership in front of him to discover the surrounding world. Additionally, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qatiri and Ziad Al-Manasrah held a workshop for excellence in innovative educational projects and programmes.


Source: Emirates News Agency