ERC delivers food to dormitories in Yemen’s Hadramaut Coast

AL MUKALLA, 30th October, 2016 (WAM) — The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, today distributed food to a number of student dormitories in Al Mukalla Directorate, Hadramaut, Yemen.

The assistance is part of the foundation’s humanitarian role, seeking to alleviate the students’ suffering and improve their living standards. The assistance included rice, sugar, milk, tuna, tomato cans and cooking oil.

Yemeni students suffer from severe food and water shortages, as well as power outages.

The supervisor of ERC’s projects in Hadramaut hailed the organisation’s meeting the needs of the students, in a bid to alleviate the dire conditions faced by them and their families.

Officials of Hadramaut Governorate praised the work of ERC in improving necessary services throughout Yemen, noting that this is a permanent Emirati legacy. The students lauded the Emirati philanthropic organisation and their help in providing relief to the people of Yemen.