With support of UAE Armed Forces, Joint Yemeni Resistance fire controls Hodeidah Airport, amid collapse in Houthi defences

HODEIDAH, With support of the UAE armed forces operating as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, the Joint Yemeni Resistance forces have gained fire control over Hodeidah Airport, imposing a tight besiege on the Houthi militias fighters’ collapsing defences within the airport perimeters and in the southern entries of the city.

The joint forces captured numbers of the Houthi terrorist fighters. Dozens of the Houthi militia fighters were also killed in confrontations with joint resistance forces and as result of the airstrikes, launched by the Arab Coalition against their entrenchments.

The joint resistance forces also took control of new strategic areas on the southern outskirts of Hodeidah, as well as the main roundabout leading to the airport. The resistance forces are currently tightening the noose on the remnants of the Houthi terrorist militias at Al Khamseen road and approaching the western gates of the airport.

The resistance’s engineering units dismantled a network of Iranian-made land mines which was laid by the terrorist militias in a desperate attempt to delay the advancement of the resistance forces from the southern entries of the city. They also foiled an attempt by the Houthis to infiltrate Al Faza area.

The Arab Coalition’s fighter jets launched airstrikes that targeted Houthi military vehicles carrying reinforcements from Ebb to the district of Hayes, killing dozens of the Houthi terrorist fighters.

The Iranian-backed Houthi militias set up armed checkpoints around Al Duraihami district to arrest members fleeing from the front because of successive collapses in their ranks, following the major military cooperation to regain the Governorate of Hodeidah and its strategic port from the grip of the terrorist militias.

Source: Emirates News Agency