Arab Coalition Forces kill scores of Houthi commanders in Beit Al Faqih, Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, The Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces have targeted a meeting of Houthi commanders in Beit Al Faqih, Hodeidah, killing scores of the coup perpetrators.

The strike, which followed the typical rules of combat engagement, came after the Coalition had received confirmed intelligence reports on a terror attack being plotted by the Iran-aligned militias.

Field reports confirm that the militias are continuing to lose large numbers of their fighters across different battlefronts, with hundreds already fleeing en masse along with their military equipment, leaving the rebels’ commanders with no options but to force the defectors back to the battle fronts, where they are already losing the ability to mobilise more elements following the heavy losses they have sustained in their fights with the joint Yemeni Resistance Forces.

Source: Emirates News Agency