Emirati business woman wins international award

Dubai: Faiza Al Sayed, Vice President of Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), has been named as a recipient of The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) World of Difference 100 Awards in recognition of her efforts to support women’s economic empowerment and advancement in society and business.

The award will be handed out during the World of Difference Awards Dinner to be held as part of the TIAW Global Forum at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, said a release.

Al Sayed is one of the founding members of Dubai Business Women’s Council, serving as Vice President since the Council’s inception. She has earned a reputation for helping countless women attain economic empowerment, particularly through DBWC’s educational, mentoring, networking, and outreach programs targeting both professional and entrepreneurial women.

Al Sayed is also the Hub Manager of the MENA Business Women’s Network, serves in the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce ‘&’ Industry and is a member of the Arab International Women’s Forum – London.

“We have been inspired and humbled by the stories of people like you, leaders of the communities, organizations, corporations, regions or countries who have taken action to support women’s economic empowerment and advancement in society and business,” read the letter from Stephanie MacKendrick, Chair of TIAW World of Difference Awards, and Sherry Fotheringham Gysler, President of TIAW, confirming the award.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of TIAW and the whole organization, please accept our sincere congratulations as you are a true inspiration”, the letter read.

Commenting on the award, Faiza Al Sayed said: “This distinction is a tribute to the success of our collective efforts to promote women empowerment in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. I am particularly grateful to my colleagues at the Dubai Business Women’s Council for their unconditional support in the projects that I have initiated and for believing in the ideals and objectives of the Council”.