Emirates Palace showcases rare Kiswah exhibition of sacred Kaaba

Abu Dhabi: Emirates Palace, once again, welcomes the holy month of Ramadan and its special moments with a wide range of unique activities.

This year and in partnership with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Emirates Palace is hosting an exclusive exhibition, showcasing a rare “Kiswah” of Kaaba, the most sacred Islamic shrine on earth.

The Kiswah, a black brocade cloth that covers the Kaaba in Mecca, is changed ‘&’ replaced yearly with a new one.

Bugra Berberoglu, Emirates Palace General Manager said, “It is our pride and honor to play the host for such an important, rare and priceless Kiswah. We were keen on playing a major role in this event where we have chosen the Holy month of Ramadan for its display. A perfect month for a perfect Art piece.” The event provides Art fans, history lovers ‘&’ enthusiasts a perfect opportunity and a display of a rare and very important “Kiswah” which once guarded the door of Kaaba in Mecca, commissioned by the Ottoman Sultan Selim III, and dates Hijri 1219AD 1804-1805.

Emirates Palace welcomes its guests and visitors to visit the Kiswah Exhibition, located under the hotel’s magnificent dome, taking place till the end of chosen the Holy month of Ramadan.