Emirates ID opens two new registration centres in Baniyas and Al Rahba

Abu Dhabi: The Emirates Identity Authority has announced its intention to open two new registration centres with a capacity of up to 700 customers daily in Baniyas and Al Rahba in Abu Dhabi next week.

This will bring to 62 the number of the Emirates ID’s registration centres across the UAE.

The Emirates ID said the opening of the two new centres in Abu Dhabi comes as part of its plans aimed at rendering its services closer to customers across the UAE, noting that the new centres would provide their services to customers in the morning period as per the prior appointment system.

The Baniyas Registration Centre is situated within the etisalat building and incorporates 7 registration lines in the population register and ID card system, including three for women, in addition to 3 lines for providing ID card data updating service.

Al Rahba Registration Centre, on the other hand, is situated in the Emirates Post building in Al Rahba and incorporates 3 registration lines in addition to one registration line for updating the ID card data.

The Emirates ID pointed out that the number of its affiliated ID card registration centres in Abu Dhabi as well as the registration centres attached to the preventive medicine centres, which are run by EIMAS for electronic management and security solutions, rose to 18 in the light of opening the two new centres.

The Emirates ID noted the support and co-operation of the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation – etisalat and Emirates Post for enabling it to open registration centres in their premises, thereby contributing to facilitating registration procedures for customers, limiting the procedures to one geographical zone and consequently supporting the Emirates ID in fulfilling its national mission as embodied in reinforcing the national and individual security and establishing an accurate and comprehensive population register that would support strategic decision-making and the e-government project.

It is noteworthy that the Emirates Identity Authority previously announced the exception of resident children under 15 years across the UAE, whose residences would expire before December 31, 2012 from the children-related registration deadline, provided that the registration of this category would be made by the time of renewal of their residences before the year-end.

The Emirates ID reiterated its call on the parents of national and resident children across the UAE whose residences expire after December 31, 2012 to speed up registering their children under 15 years in the ID card before October 1, 2012 and not to wait until the last minute in compliance with the Cabinet’s decision no. 25 for 2011 and in a bid to avoid payment of delay fees.

The Emirates ID also announced last January the exception of residents above 15 years whose residences expire before December 31, 2012 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah from the ID card registration deadlines, provided that registration of this category would be made by the time of renewal of their residences.