Emirates Health Services launches ‘Pink Shield’ app to promote breast cancer awareness

DUBAI, In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Emirates Health Services has launched the Pink Shield application, which seeks to raise awareness among community members of the importance of the early detection of breast cancer to ensure prevention and diagnosis, thus accelerating therapeutic interventions.

The application is available in Arabic and English, and contains basic information to raise awareness of diseases among women at risk of developing breast cancer.

The app can also support users by directing them in the early stage of the disease.

Dr. Youssef Mohamed Al Serkal, Director-General, Emirates Health Services, said the Emirates Health Services pays particular attention to breast cancer through the development of several programmes to develop preventive and curative health services to reduce cancer throughout the country, according to the national indicator.

This programme is also part of the efforts to strengthen national efforts to combat breast cancer, within the framework of the national policy to reduce cancer mortality rates.

Al Serkal stated that the Emirates Health Services is committed to leveraging modern technologies that make use of medical data to develop innovative models for care to help patient confront the disease and limit its spread, while offering breast cancer patients more support and hope.

This would also help enhance the Emirates Health Services’ position at the local and regional levels in the field of breast cancer.

He stressed that the Emirates Health Services strives to develop comprehensive programmes to improve the outcomes of breast cancer care and works with partners to improve the quality of life among patients.

“The Pink Shield application is part of the EHS’s plans to raise public awareness about breast cancer and promote a healthy lifestyle, thus increasing the rate of early detection and reducing the incidence of the disease,” added Dr. Sara AlShaya, Head of Operational planning and project manager, Emirates Health Services.

She noted that the app contains comprehensive information about breast cancer risk factors, breast self-examination and diet, along with a special section for the latest medical publications, articles and guidelines related to breast cancer.

Dr. AlShaya noted that early diagnosis of breast cancer generally increases the chances of successful treatment and survival, pointing out that the Emirates Health Services provides medical personnel with regular training on the standards and scientific evidence related to breast cancer.

She urged women to conduct periodic examinations to detect breast cancer, perform breast self-examination, and visit the health centres for annual screenings.

Source: Emirates News Agency