Emirates Health Services discusses integrating healthcare plans, improving services

DUBAI, The Emirates Health Services (EHS) has discussed ways of integrating healthcare plans and improving services, as well as the prospects of entering into local and international partnerships to promote public health and realise its goals within the specified timeframe.

During its 5th annual meeting, the EHS has also reviewed the latest developments concerning strategic, financial and human resources planning and ways to align operational indicators with efficiency and performance quality.

Chaired by Dr. Mohamed Salim Al Olama, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) and Head of EHS Board of Directors, the 2021’s fifth meeting was organised at the headquarters of the establishment in Dubai in the presence of Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, Director-General of the EHS, and other board members.

The board meeting kicked off with the members congratulating the UAE leaders on the occasion of Flag Day, lauding the country’s exceptional milestones and thanking the wise leadership for its unstinted support to the health sector. They discussed several topics including action plans for the upcoming period and key recommendations submitted by competent committees.

The meeting also reviewed the organisational achievements over the past and the extent of EHS facilities’ readiness to provide innovative health services that would improve the community’s quality of life and health.

The members stressed their commitment to supporting the EHS and enhancing its performance efficiency in accordance with the highest international standards, adding that the EHS will always be there to meet the growing needs and aspirations of patients and advance the UAE’s healthcare sector towards a brighter future.

“From developing healthcare services to launching innovative initiatives, the Emirates Health Services will do all it can to introduce advanced services and enhance the competitiveness of the UAE’s health sector in line with the country’s vision towards the next 50,” Dr. Al Olama said.

Al Olama called on members to redouble their efforts to help the EHS achieve its desired goal.

“The meeting also reviewed the progress made on the way to implement the entity’s strategy as well as its digital transformation plans, ways of improving customers’ journey, and mechanism of implementing and developing governance within the EHS,” Al Serkal said.

“In addition to entering into partnership agreements, the EHS will constantly improve the capabilities of its medical cadres across all specialities to deliver the best healthcare possible to all patients. We are striving to re-innovate the treatment journey at our facilities and are investing in advanced digital techniques to bring about a radical change in the way healthcare services are provided,” Al Serkal stated.

“To that end, we are committed to making the most of the latest artificial intelligence techniques to perfectly meet each patient’s needs and develop cutting-edge digital infrastructure while following the international best practices. We are seeking nothing but excellence and leadership,” he added.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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