EEG mitigates 94 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, saves 152 cubic meters of landfill space

DUBAI, 29th October, 2016 (WAM)–In a nation-wide Can Collection Drive, the Emirates Environmental Group, collected on Saturday 6,250 kg of Aluminum Cans.

Through this collection EEG has managed to mitigate 364 MTCO2 emissions and saved 589 cubic meters of landfill space. In its 20th year the Drive acts as a flagship programme to the Can Collection Campaign.

The EEG organised and facilitated a nation-wide Can Collection Drive which witnessed the joint efforts of more than 250 entities from across the UAE, from every segment of society; government entities, private corporations, hotels, academic institutions, individuals and families.

For 2016 EEG has set an ambitious target of 27,000 kg of Cans; and till date it recycled 24,263 kg of Aluminum Cans since the start of the year which is 90% of the target set for the year.

Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of the Emirates Environmental Group, explained how the target of 27,000 kg of Aluminum Cans will be a breakthrough for the UAE in terms of community based Recycling programmes. Sharing her deep passion for environmental protection, she said, “Waste and how we deal with it is a growing concern in the UAE and across the world, with the realisation that the vast majority of the resources that we rely on to sustain our life styles are finite and almost exhausted.”

Expressing her satisfaction over the participation of the community, Al Marashi added, “It is always satisfying to see the combined efforts; hard work and perseverance come to fructification through such engaging community based activities. Through our Programs we want the citizenry of the nation to understand that recycling should be a habit, not a choice or option!” she added.

Through its long standing Can Collection campaign, EEG has since its inception collected over 275,563 kg of Aluminum Cans and prevented unnecessary disposal of these valuable recyclables to landfills, in turn saving 6,689 m3 of landfill space and mitigating 4,136 MTCO2 emissions.

The Can Collection Drive acts as a symbol of unity amongst the UAE citizens regardless of age, background or position making it a collective effort to preserve and protect our environment, she added.