Education is an investment in the future, UAE Paper

Abu Dhabi: The one sure way for the citizens of the UAE to benefit from the social and economic development of the country is for them to be granted education, commented “Gulf News” in its today’s editorial.

“Education will give them the skills to take advantage of the economic opportunities that have been created by the rapid growth of the country, through employment and entrepreneurship. Those who can secure jobs or build their own businesses will be able to improve their living standards and perhaps more importantly be able to provide better prospects for their children. This will ensure that the growth and development of the citizens of the UAE are sustainable and better opportunities are created for every generation,” the noted.

This is why the decision by the UAE Cabinet to approve a Federal Law, making education compulsory for UAE citizens from the age of six to 18 years, is an investment in the future of the nation. Importantly, the proposed legislation provides for the enforcement of the law. Among other provisions, it states that the guardian of the child will be responsible for ensuring that he or she attends school and completes education.

“If the guardian fails to abide by the law, he or she will receive a warning or a fine. While the government must provide a high standard of education, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children are ready for the future,” GN remarked.