‘Eddad’ programme benefits 3,771 future marriage spouses in 6 months

DUBAI, The number of “Eddad” programme beneficiaries implemented by the Ministry of Community Development (MoCD) to prepare young future marriage spouses reached 3,771 young men and women all over the UAE.

The participants – who joined the programme during the first half of this year from January to the end of June 2021 – spread over (12) remotely educational courses offered through a live broadcast on smart devices to ensure that they meet the requirements for obtaining the marriage grant.

Nasser Ismail, Assistant Under-Secretary of Social Welfare at the Ministry, revealed that the ministry is instructed to circulate and facilitate the access of Eddad programme within all the institutes and authorities and reach out to all young people in various sectors, while maintaining the mandatory programme for young people applying for the marriage grant.

The programme aims for raising the awareness of future young spouses on the concept of marriage, developing their behaviours to overcome some challenges, promoting their positive lifestyles to form a stable and cohesive Emirati family.

Eddad programme is an integrated training course covering various aspects of life: religious, psychological, social, family and economic fields, family relationships, compatibility in marriage life, financial planning, spouses couples partnership in raising children, among others.

Source: Emirates News Agency