Dubai Shopping Festival slated for 3 January 2013

DUBAI: The Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment (DEPE), an agency under the Department of Economic Development, announced the that the 18th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 will commence on January 3 and will go on till February 3.

The 32 day extravaganza will commence on January 3 and will go on till February 3, and will paint the city with a festive mood through its unique blend of shopping, winning, and entertainment – the main characteristics that have made it one of the most sought-after festivals for tourists from around the world, DEPE said in a press release.

“Building on the huge success of its last year marketing campaign, DSF 2013 will again project “Dubai at its Best” as its marketing slogan, signifying that the vibrant emirate showcases the best across all its sectors and services during the festival, offering unparalleled experiences to visitors and residents alike,” it added.

“Our stakeholders and partners were very positive with our main message last year and were very excited about it, to the extent that most of them cascaded “Dubai at its Best” onto their own individual campaigns and products, which sent a strong message to the world that Dubai brings out its best of everything during the festival,” DEPE’s CEO Laila Mohammad Suhail explained.

This year, again with the help of our strategic partners and sponsors from the private and public sectors, we are planning to capitalize on this success and reaffirm this statement through a diverse offering of shopping, winning, and entertainment,” she added.