Dubai Press Club hosts workshop for journalists on data visualisation

DUBAI, The Dubai Press Club, DPC, today hosted a workshop for journalists on the tools and techniques of data visualisation, in collaboration with Murdoch University in Dubai.

The session was designed to train media professionals in the UAE on how to build visuals from data sets and communicate data with clarity and creativity.

Led by Murdoch University journalism co-chair and lecturer, Narelle Hopkin, the workshop explained how journalists can mine data to tell a story using interactive graphics, such as maps and timelines. The session also showed how journalists can think critically about the use of big data in journalism and familiarised them with popular data visualisation software.

Salem Belyouha, Acting Director of the DPC, thanked Murdoch University for its collaborating on hosting various specialised workshops on topics relevant to today’s rapidly changing media environment.

Source: WAM – Emirates News Agency