Dubai Police fines 274 Marine Vessels since January

DUBAI, The Ports Police Station of the Dubai Police has issued 274 violations against watercraft owners and users since the beginning of the year 2020.

According to Colonel Saeed Al-Madhani, Director of the Ports Police Station, they have issued 228 violations against jet skis and 46 violations against private and tourist watercraft.

Colonel Al-Madhani noted that the violations issued against jet skis owners were due to several reasons including expiration of the license, entry into prohibited places such as swimming areas and hotel beaches, as well as non-compliance with the specified timings for the use of jet skis from sunrise to sunset.

The Director of the Ports Police Station confirmed that most violations were recorded near Jumeirah and Al Mamzar beaches, stressing that a AED1,000 fine applicable for operating an expired vessel, and a AED2,000 fine for operating a jet ski outside the permitted timings.

Colonel Al-Madhani urged jet ski users to abide by laws and ensure the availability of safety equipment such as life jackets as not wearing such is punishable by law with a AED3,000 fine.

He further noted that beachgoers must be careful not to approach private and tourist ships and should adhere to specified speeds that do not exceed 5 to 7 nautical miles or overload the marine craft.

Colonel Al-Madhani remained beachgoers that (Sail Safely) feature on Dubai Police app allows users to track the cruise’s journey; warn them about any delays during the trip; identify hazards; send distress requests directly to the Dubai Police, and facilitate rapid emergency response.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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