Dubai Municipality wins first place in HR management

Dubai Municipality’s Human Resources Department won first place in the GCC GOV HR Award in the Diversity and Inclusion category for its initiative, “Diversity and Governance in Dubai Municipality.”

The winning initiative aims to highlight the role of the Human Resources Department in preparing and implementing policies, methodologies and work guidelines for applying governance standards and accepting diversity in all human resources related processes and initiatives in Dubai Municipality, such as recruitment, training and development, performance management, handling grievances and complaints, motivation and honor, and health and safety.

Through the initiative, the role of the Human Resources Department was highlighted in the dissemination and follow-up of the implementation of these policies, through circulars, decrees and training workshops, with the aim of ensuring governance and functional justice for the various categories of employees in the Municipality

More than 2,000 employees were trained through smart training to promote the principles of tolerance and the acceptance of diversity, in addition to paying attention to the category of employees of People of Determination, as well as preparing and implementing an integrated methodology for their care, so that an integrated environment is provided that ensures their enjoyment of all the rights assigned to them and enables them to carry out their tasks, in addition to empowering women and achieving the principles of gender balance, and preparing initiatives that guarantee the happiness, health and safety of the labor category.

Source: Dubai Municipality