Dubai Municipality to ensure food safety in Ramadan by intensive inspection campaigns

Dubai Municipality will conduct intensive inspection campaigns in the foodstuff establishments in the emirate during the month of Ramadan. The inspections are aimed at ensuring the safety of the most commonly traded foods as well as to see that all food establishments and their customers are abiding by the health requirements and preventive precautionary measures.

Sultan Al Taher, Director of Food Safety Department in Dubai Municipality said that the inspectors will make sure that all the requirements for transporting, storing, preparing and displaying foodstuffs and products are met by the establishments.

Al Taher said the inspection campaigns have already started as there was a campaign before the advent of the holy month on food warehouses focusing on the products that are frequently traded during Ramadan to ensure their compliance with food safety standards.

There will be a continuous periodic campaign beginning from the first day of the holy month on sales outlets, such as consumer complexes and shopping centers to ensure compliance with the Municipality health requirements, he added.

“Another campaign will be organized on markets such as the Central Fruits and Vegetables Market and the Waterfront Market, where consumer shopping increases during the blessed month. This campaign will ensure the safety of fresh products that are usually perishable. The inspectors will check non-compliance with their display, storage and circulation, in accordance with the food safety requirements,” said Al Taher.

He added: “Our specialized inspection teams have completed the necessary preparations by intensifying visits and inspection of the establishments that prepare meals as the consumption of fried food items is going to be increased during Ramadan.

“We focus on the quality of oils used, and ensure the safety of the storage and preparation places, methods of cooking, preparation and transportation. We will also make sure that the workers adhere to personal hygiene and all safety standards while offering the food,” Al Taher said.

“We will focus on the process of preparation and the thermal control of food as well as food transport vehicles, and ensure compliance with our technical conditions and specifications. The various inspection teams have directed their focus before Ramadan itself on food establishments, especially popular kitchens and bakeries, which will continue during the holy month also. We will ensure that best practices are applied during preparation, cooking, storage, display and transportation” he pointed out.

“The establishments that wish to display their products outside should obtain a prior permit from the Food Safety Department. They can display food items only two hours before Iftar, and the food establishment must adhere to thermal preservation, and that the food item must be preserved at more than 65 degrees in order to prevent any bacterial activity,” Al Taher said.

Source: Dubai Municipality