Dubai Municipality provides 70 special waste containers at Seih Al Salam cycle track

Dubai Municipality has recently installed unique waste containers with a modern and innovative design at the bicycle track in Seih Al Salam area. The containers, consistent with the aesthetic appearance of the city, was set up by the Municipality as part of its orientation to enhance the happiness and comfort of all members of society.

The Municipality revealed that it has installed 70 modern containers with highest quality specifications that help cyclists to dispose of their waste easily without stopping their ride on the track.

As part of the action plan, the distribution of containers will be completed in different stages, as this initiative comes among a large number of initiatives, programs and sustainable improvement ideas that Dubai Municipality seeks to implement, specifically those that contribute to enhancing the city’s aesthetic appearance and enhancing sustainability programs. This is in line with the increasing attention paid by the wise leadership to the sustainability theme, making maximum use of waste, and achieving high values in customer happiness indicators.

The capacity of the special waste containers in the bicycle track is up to 80 liters per container, and they are containers designated for collecting wastes generated by cyclists such as plastic, metal and paper containers. They are equipped with reflective strips that illuminate at night. The degree of curvature and design of the basket and waste are easily approved by the cyclists as a 40-degree bend is accepted, taking into account the different sizes of bikes used by adults and children.

Dubai Municipality takes into account the continuous improvement in the technical forms of waste collection methods giving some privacy to the types and shapes of containers in some areas such as desert, commercial and historical areas, etc. The civilized appearance of the city, the happiness of society, the promotion of environmental sustainability values, and the contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Emirate of Dubai, which made it an example to follow in applying the highest standards of hygiene and ideal waste management at the global level, and excellence in providing all hygiene services.

Source: Dubai Municipality