Dubai Municipality launches updated version of pet management app

DUBAI, 27th October, 2016 (WAM) — The IT Department at Dubai Municipality yesterday launched an updated version of the smart phone app, Aleef, which handles the records of all data about pets, pet owners, pet adoptions, registration, treatment and care.

Heba Al Shehhi, Head of Applications Development Section in the IT Department, said that the overwhelming response from the public to use the app and requests for improving its performance prompted the Department to make modifications to suit the needs of the public.

She explained that the application has so far this month received 34,234 service requests, of which, 27,696 were for treatment, 25 for stray animals, 14 for adoption and 85 requests for pet ownership change.

She said that the Aleef App is a smart platform for current and soon-to-be owners to improve the management, adoption and care of pets in Dubai under the Municipality regulations. All pet information via public and private clinics are managed through a mobile phone.

“It also facilitates the announcements on lost and found animals as well as stray animals. The application provides substantial information on pet ownership, as well as helps pet owners in Dubai to digitally forward the information and history of animals, which increases transparency between all public and private clinics. The app organises and integrates pet ownership in Dubai, enhances pet care, and documents the correct information about pets by combining its sources, whether from private clinics or municipality veterinary clinics,” said Al Shehhi.

“It also provides a map to give a comprehensive view of all places of interest to pet owners. Through the application, the Municipality provides facilities to enable prospective owners to adopt a pet like dogs and cats, as individuals can submit requests through the app. This service is provided by the Veterinary Control Division in the Veterinary Services Section of Public Health Services Department,” she said.

Al Shehhi said that the animals available for adoption are not prohibited by the relevant authorities and work is underway to add a number animals up for adoption.

“The municipality launched the application to support the directives of Dubai government to move to smart government, and as part of the Municipality’s care for the health and safety of the community, and to spread maximum awareness on how individuals can deal with pets such as cats and dogs, as it is also necessary to ensure the health and safety of these animals so as to provide a safe environment within the community framework, and it will also reduce commercial fraud in the process of the export and import of pets and their sale,” Al Shehhi concluded.