Dubai Municipality launches DMX, the new Talents Development Center to qualify and develop human cadres

Dubai Municipality announced the launch of its new Talents development center, DMX with a unique design, dedicated to qualifying and developing the performance of human cadres working in the Municipality to support the vision of a “pioneering municipality for a global city.”

It is also aimed to promote the development process into translating strategic goals and plans in building a competitive knowledge economy, in implementation of the fifty principles, which are a reference for all state institutions to strengthen the pillars of the Union and build a sustainable economy, especially the fourth principle, which states that human capital is the main engine for future growth.

Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: “The launch of the Talents Development Center comes in line with the fifty principles in supporting the promotion of investment in human capital and efforts to advance the learning and training sector to drive the wheel of development in all sectors and at all levels. It is also the translation of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who said that the UAE is on the cusp of major developments and achievements as it enters the next fifty, armed with the energies and minds of its people.”

Al Hajri said Dubai Municipality is keen to develop the skills and capabilities of its cadres and promote a culture of sustainable innovation in keeping pace with changes to Emiratize and develop innovative and creative solutions that consolidate Dubai’s position as the best city for life and work in the world, “through planning, managing and ensuring the sustainability of a flexible future city, and providing pioneering municipal services to the happiness of customers and society in support of achieving the vision of the Emirate of Dubai.

He added that Dubai Municipality, through its vision of becoming a pioneering municipality for a global city, aims to study and analyze data for all sectors foreseeing the future, so that proactive plans are designed to meet any challenges and harmonize with technical developments to continue leadership regionally and globally.

Smart Technologies in Learning and Development

Dubai Municipality adopts, through DMX, the Talents Development Center, the provision of the latest technologies and innovative means in learning and development, with the aim of preparing human cadres ready with future skills, as the center was provided with the latest technologies in the field of smart learning and training.

Multiple Virtual Reality Training Rooms

The center also includes seven training halls designed to include a hall dedicated to training with Virtual Reality technology, and a hall qualified to train more than 30 trainees, in addition to various other halls to include all types and forms of innovative development, learning and training, as well as enhancing quality by allocating a rest area between training and development programs.

Human Resource Development

It is noteworthy that Dubai Municipality’s strategy for human resources focuses on the optimal investment in the internal cadres of specialization and expertise through the initiative, “From Your Experiences We Learn” and the maximum benefit from the implicit memory of them by transferring the tacit knowledge to others and disseminating it for the purposes of contributing to the process of human resource development.

The new human resources development system has also been used in coordination with the Digital Dubai Authority through the possibility of converting typical training programs into smart programs through the Smart Learning Management Platform, as well as designing an integrated digital package to receive the new employee in the Dubai Municipality family.

Certified Professional Training Programs

The DMX Talents Development Center was officially accredited by the Ministry of Education at the national level through the National Qualifications Center to offer approved professional programs and as an educational body from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai to offer various programs in the administrative professional fields.

The trainee’s journey in Dubai Municipality begins from a smart system in which the skills to be developed are listed according to the job description and future needs, all the way to the DMX Talents Development Center.

Dubai Municipality has also been keen to launch a number of programs approved at the national level through the National Qualification Center platform, with the aim of developing and strengthening its staff and human resources with high-level expertise.

Source: Dubai Municipality