Dubai Municipality develops professionals and skills areas in Mushrif National Park forests

Dubai Municipality has developed a professionals’ area as well as a skills area within the Mushrif National Park forests, allowing mountain biking enthusiasts to safely enjoy their favorite sport using modern facilities.

Professionals’ track

Meeting the highest international standards, the professionals’ track is designed to enrich the cycling experience of all riders. By using the track, riders can improve their skills and abilities while boosting their confidence in safely handling the lanes.

Skills Area

The skills area includes a 500-meter one-way track with three lanes, each in a different color. It caters to bikers of all levels of proficiencies. Each lane denotes a specific level, with the green track intended for beginners, the blue for intermediates, and the red for those with advanced skills.

Mountain Bike Track

The mountain biking track, the first of its kind in Dubai, has drawn a quarter-million visitors since its opening. The first phase includes both the green and blue tracks spanning 20 kilometers, while the second phase features the red track and extends to 50 kilometers.

Dubai Municipality constructed the mountain bike track according to the highest international standards and technical specifications. It also takes into account the surrounding nature and environment to encourage residents and visitors to engage in the sport of mountain biking.

Source: Dubai Municipality