Dubai Municipality’s Geographical Information System (GIS) Centre observed the annual GIS Day. The event, which is celebrated on November 16 each year, was held at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library.

The day was observed with the aim of highlighting the significance of GIS, its applications, and the growth in its use along with technological advancements, as well as the use of geospatial data in decision-making, urban planning, crisis management, map creation, management of safety and medical emergencies, infrastructure development and contribution to the creation of a successful society.

H.E. Dawoud Al-Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: “GIS Day offers a special opportunity to highlight the work of its staff and to recognise the accomplishments of the GIS Centre. In order to help partners, decision-makers, and other private sector stakeholders grow their businesses and increase their productivity, we are dedicated to continuously develop the centre by launching specialised projects and initiatives that play a significant role in planning and developing Dubai’s infrastructure and providing accurate information to stakeholders.”

Mariam Al Muhairi, Acting CEO of Buildings Regulation & Permits Agency, said: “Using the most recent international technologies in data collection and analysis, the GIS Centre in Dubai Municipality is a leading institution that offers various geospatial services in Dubai. The centre’s distinctive services, such as geospatial scanning, digital mapping, and training, will support numerous public and commercial sector initiatives while solidifying Dubai’s digital growth.”

The Geospatial Professional Qualification System (GPQS) and the use of Metaverse technology in the geospatial sector were featured at the event, which was targeted at several of the centre’s internal and external strategic partners. The first geospatial innovation incubator, GeoHub, and the Geospatial Characteristics and Measurements project were showcased at the event, which concluded by honouring key partners of the GIS Centre

Source: Dubai Municipality