Dubai Future Foundation launches Arabic Glossary for Future Terminology on World Arabic Language Day

DUBAI, On the occasion of World Arabic Language Day, observed every year on December 18, Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) launched an online glossary of future Arabic scientific and technical terms.

Containing 500 terms in Arabic and English, arranged according to categories, the open-source dictionary is available at, and enables the public to edit it and add new terms.

The glossary aims to support researchers and translators in creating and publishing Arabic scientific and technical content and prepare them to deal with future knowledge and innovations.

Abdulaziz AlJaziri, Deputy CEO and COO of DFF, said: “Throughout the history of humankind, Arab pioneers have been behind many important innovations, discoveries and inventions. Our glossary proves that the Arabic language can keep up with the tremendous pace of technological development we are currently witnessing, and continue to enrich the science and technology landscape owing to its ability to express scientific concepts.”

He added that the launch is part of DFF’s efforts to disseminate knowledge in the region in the Arabic language, enhance Dubai’s position as a leading global knowledge hub, and motivate Arab researchers and innovators to contribute to human development.

The glossary supports endeavours to standardise modern Arabic terms and explains their meaning to promote practical use.

Source: Emirates News Agency