Dubai Economy intensifies consumer protection campaigns during festival season

DUBAI, The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection, CCCP, sector of Dubai Economy has intensified monitoring commercial outlets in the emirate, particularly those announcing promotional offers and discounts as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival and New Year season, to protect the interests of all consumers.

The CCCP aims to do this by ensuring transparency and authenticity of the promotions and reinforcing Dubai as a preferred shopping destination locally and internationally.

Teams from the CCCP monitor market activity and inspect commercial establishments throughout the year, and particularly, during promotional sales and festivals that see a high volume of visitors to Dubai.

Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, CEO of CCCP, said, “With retailing being an integral economic activity in Dubai, we are keen to ensure the quality and authenticity of the promotions and discounts offered here by retailers and also see that consumers do not fall prey to unscrupulous practices.”

Lootah added that teams from the CCCP follow up on all retail-related promotions and activities announced in Dubai and verify their compliance with the regulations of Dubai Economy. “We make use of all conventional and online communication channels to ensure that the promotions are genuine and retailers do not violate the UAE Consumer Protection Law,” he said.

The CCCP official emphasised that as Dubai is an open economy, retailers compete to attract consumers and hence consumers should be careful and purchase wisely. In the event of a misleading promotion or fraudulent practice, consumers should report it to Dubai Economy, he urged.

Source: Emirates News Agency