Dubai Customs organises activities during Ramadan

Dubai: Dubai Customs has announced a full range of diverse religious activities tailored to address its customers and employees at the main building at Rashid Port and its customs centres during the holy month of Ramadan.

These activities, which kicked off during the first days of Ramadan, include the “Furdha Lantern”, a sizeable lantern placed at Dubai Customs’ main building, and a series of religious and guidance lectures given by an elite group of leading scholars of the Islamic world. Moreover, Dubai Customs, in cooperation with the Human Appeal International (HAI), accepts donations made by customers and employees aimed at contributing to some of the most prominent enterprises HAI intends to carry out throughout Ramadan, fore mostly Al Mir Al Ramadani, Break-fasting (Iftar) project and Eid Dressing project.

Dubai Customs will be distributing 5000 “Break-fasting (Iftar) bags” during the holy month to fasting Muslims just before Iftar time. Volunteers from the Department are distributing these bags at various areas in Dubai. The “The Best of People are the Most Beneficial to Others” campaign, which commenced before Ramadan and was aimed at collecting monetary ‘&’ in kind donations, is continuing during the holy month to reaffirm the principal of social solidarity, offer a helping hand to needy modest families and encourage charitable and philanthropic deeds.

Moreover, Dubai Customs is taking part in the 4th Ramadan Hatta Forum, which is organised by the Community Development Authority in Dubai between July 24 – August 9, 2012. Dubai Customs participation includes organising a daily contest that tackles various customs-related work fields, such as protection of endangered animals, awareness of the dangers of using Tramadol without prescription and intellectual property rights. A delegation from Dubai Customs will be visiting Ramadan gatherings of men or women in Hatta to organise the contest and reward winners four valuable awards every day.

In addition, Dubai Customs’ six-a-side football tournament kicked off on Sunday, day 3 of Ramadan, for its fourth year. It is taking place in Almezhar Sports Hall at Al Twar 3 area in Dubai. The participating teams of this tournament are 16 teams representing different customs departments and centres.

Dubai Customs is also sponsoring the activities of the11th Ramadan Forum, organised by Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Al Twar 2 area. The Department is also sponsoring a day of the 16th Dubai International Holy Quran Awards, taking place at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Dubai Customs has adorned the main building and customs centres with signs, banners and boards decorations inspired by the holy month, such as the crescent and lanterns to reaffirm the national identity in both customers and employees and help them embrace the spirit of the holy month