Dubai Customs foils attempt to smuggle 250 grams of marijuana at Dubai Airport

Dubai: Dubai Customs foiled an attempt to smuggle 250 grams of marijuana at Dubai Airport terminal 3 and caught a taxi driver of Asian nationality in possession of a box that contained the smuggled haul as he arrived from his home country.

A source from the management of airport operations at Dubai Customs said: “The expertise of Dubai Customs inspectors contributed to the seizure of drugs being smuggled into the country, even those that are concealed in a clever way.” The source further stated that the suspect was stopped by customs agents when he began to act suspiciously as he entered the customs area, showing signs of confusion.

When the box he was carrying was placed on the X-ray machine, customs agents saw a strange-looking cavity, which was then inspected manually and found some clothing and a medicine bag and some food in addition to a white paper colour courier. They also found two English dictionaries, which contained a transparent plastic bag cunningly concealed in the middle pages of the book. They found dark-coloured leaves in the plastic bag, which turned out to be marijuana. There were 250 grams of marijuana found in the books.

The suspect stated that the contents of the box belonged to him except for the dictionaries, which were handed to him by another person of the same nationality and were to be delivered to a certain person residing in the country. He said he was not aware that the dictionaries contained banned substances. Dubai Customs and the General Directorate for Drug Control in Dubai Police coordinated in apprehending the suspect, who has been detained at the Office of the Dubai Police at the airport.