Dubai Chamber calls upon its members to participate in London’s Business Hospitality Programme

Dubai: With London Olympics round the corner, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has invited its members and representatives of the business community to participate in a series of workshops held as part of the Business Hospitality Programme.

The networking event is hosted by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the sidelines of the 2012 Olympic Games in the British capital from August 1 onwards.

The Business Hospitality Programme, organised by the London Business Network in partnership with the British Business Club and the Mayor’s Office at London House, hosts a series of seminars and workshops covering the sectors of sustainability, life sciences and healthcare, technology, media and telecommunications, security, international business opportunities and global sporting events, construction and transport infrastructure, Paralympic business opportunities as well as legacy opportunities.

Mahdi Al Mazim, Director, Customer Service Centers, Dubai Chamber, informed that the workshops being held in London offer an excellent occasion for Dubai businesses to explore networking and partnering opportunities with their counterparts from the world over, especially the business community of UK.

This event will also allow Dubai businesses to showcase their competitiveness to global business leaders, he said.

He further stressed that the upcoming Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games have highlighted the importance of using the ATA Carnets which involve the temporary admission of goods, special tools and sports equipment in a simple and hassle-free manner.

Al Mazim added that the ATA Carnet System is an important tool for businesses as it allows the temporary admission of merchandise and goods in the country by saving time, money and facilitating most Customs formalities through the use of a single document.

The system also allows the movement of business people and their representatives participating in trade fairs and directly helps in enhancing the country’s position as a global destination for business and investment as Dubai Chamber issued 15 Carnets worth AED 11.4 million in the first four months of the year, said Al Mazim.