Dr. Rongxiang Xu, Patent Owner of Damaged Organ Regeneration, A Top Priority Addressed in the 2013 Presidential State of The Union, Announces Plan of “Creating 10,000 Regenerative Humans”

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 16, 2014 / PRNewswire — Dr. Rongxiang Xu, the Patentee of regenerative life science noted in US National Policy as “Regenerating Damaged Organ”, is offering his regenerative substance diet methods to activate the PRC (potential regenerative cell) regenerative life function to 10,000 patients worldwide with diseases including chronic atrophic gastritis in aging gastrointestinal tract, coronary heart disease appearing surgical treatment indicators, or terminal stage lung cancer. His proven science creates regenerative restoration of refractory organ diseases that have been unable to be treated by pharmaceutical medicines and regenerate restoration and rejuvenation of organs undergoing premature aging through a patented PRC therapy extending five-years after the implementation of his world-renown regenerative substance diet.

Dr.%20Rongxiang%20Xu%20is%20establishing Dr. Rongxiang Xu, Patent Owner of Damaged Organ Regeneration, A Top Priority Addressed in the 2013 Presidential State of The Union, Announces Plan of Creating 10,000 Regenerative Humans

Dr. Rongxiang Xu is establishing a new world of “Regenerative Humans”

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Dr. Xu’s extensive scientific discoveries have shown the restoration of organs having well-known incurable diseases and the true result of aging organ restoring to a younger and healthy state. By initiating the plan of 10,000 Regenerative Humans, Dr. Xu wants people all around the world to witness the whole process of the birth of Regenerative Human and the benefit of PRC regenerative life science which is derived from his clinical application research results that proved the PRC cells existing in living tissues of deep degree burn wounds were awakened and converted in situ into skin K-19 pluripotent stem cells, followed by in situ regeneration of new skin organ conforming with the procedures of normal skin development. Dr, Xu’s PRC regenerative life science is a new life science system, which was applied for patent rights in 2001 and has been granted patent rights in countries including the US and many others throughout the world.

Dr. Rongxiang Xu has now applied his scientific methods of PRC regenerating skin organ in situ to the studies of in situ regeneration of various human organs, which has been shown that PRC in various human organs can exert regenerative function in situ to regenerate new cells to automatically replace the premature aging cells, non-functional cells due to injury, and even mutated or abnormally apoptotic cells, thus achieving regenerative restoration of injured organs and the regenerative rejuvenation of organs undergoing premature aging.

Additionally, his process has also proven that using the regenerative substance diet to activate the PRC regenerative life function of terminal stage cancer patients can give them restored health and recovery supporting their overall lives through their own regenerative lives, therefore offering longer life. Dr. Rongxiang Xu’s plan of helping 10,000 patients be Regenerative Humans is made on the basis of his experimental results that male rats have shown they remain younger and retain a younger, healthier state, resulting in double lifespan after the initiation of PRC regenerative life. Moreover, the result of primary Regenerative Human experiments have shown that 208 volunteers who have implemented the regenerative substance diet for 5 years have also shown improved health and longer lifespans.

Dr. Xu’s goal is to replicate his clinical applications to 10,000 patients to help people know rapidly that they have the potential of regenerative life and they can enjoy their own regenerative lives right away via the regenerative substance diet giving them the ability to live a healthier and longer life. PRC is congenital in the human body, derived from the pluripotent stem cell development mechanism in the overall process of human body development from an embryo, as well as from the regeneration process of organs and tissues after birth. PRC exists in everybody, thus everyone has the regenerative mechanism. As long as the regenerative nutritional food of full nutritional spectrum, the human body is capable of awakening and culturing PRC allowing the human body to create regenerative life which enables the in situ regenerative renew and restoration of its own organs and tissues.

This is the scientific core of Dr. Rongxiang Xu’s inventive patents. For this invention, Dr. Rongxiang Xu was granted a GOLDEN BIATEC award in 2013, which had been given to previous nominees including former President George W. Bush, President Vladimir Putin and former President of France Jacques Chirac. Part of the invention, “regenerating damaged organ” was mentioned in President Obama’s State of the Nation address in 2013 when he addressed the future of US national policy of life science development.

In the recent interviews by various major media, Dr. Rongxiang Xu explained the new term of his initiative called “Regenerative Human” and the significance of this historical revolution for the world of human regenerative life. Dr. Xu has pronounced that human regenerative life science is derived from the inherent regenerative mechanism of PRC in the human body discovered and activated by him. Once awakened, PRCs can automatically carry out a series of physiological regeneration and rejuvenation functions to restore the human body to a previous young state, in terms of the current pathological and physiological conditions such as organ injuries, aging, diseases, and tumors.

When the body goes through the mechanism of such a series of self restoration and the awakening PRC anytime in need, they will break the original physiological limit and life span and advance automatically to create “Regenerative Human” with self regeneration and rejuvenation functions. From now on, along with the implementation of Dr. Xu’s plan of helping 10,000 people all over the world, Regenerative Humans will emerge at every corner of the world to form the leader group of the first generation of “Regenerative Humans” and show a brand new world to mankind.

Below is an excerpt from a Q&A interview Dr. Xu conducted on the core concepts of the new science, published as a cover story in Scientific Chinese (September issue of 2014).

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Reporter: We found that there are many new concepts in Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science (HBRRS), such as Regenerative Human, primary human, regenerative rejuvenation, etc. These concepts are relatively unknown to the general public, please briefly explain their meaning.

Rongxiang Xu: Human regenerative life science (also known as HBRRS) is a brand new life science, it includes a lot of basic concepts, in order to help the public understand them, we briefly explain some of the basic core concepts. “Primary life” mentioned in this science refers to the life created by cells from the development of human organs; while the term “regenerative life” refers to the life created by PRCs after the development of human organs. “Primary human” in our glossary refers to the person who has only the primary life derived from the body development but does not activate the regenerative function; while those activating regenerative function and thereby having both primary life and regenerative life are called “Regenerative Humans”.

“PRC” is the core concept of this science, referring to a kind of somatic cells existing in human tissues and organs and being able to be awakened to present stem cell function to regenerate new cells, tissues and organs of the body. “Regenerative Substance” refers to a composition of nutrition spectrum which specially awakens PRCs and feeds PRCs and stem cells. The human body has 206 kinds of PRC, and there are correspondingly 206 kinds of regenerative substance. The core of our science is to achieve regenerative restoration, regenerative rejuvenation and so on through the use of regenerative substances to awaken and feed PRCs to play stem cell functions.

Here, “regenerative restoration” means the structure and function of human organs turning from unnormal state to normal state in which way refractory organ diseases are healed, while “regenerative rejuvenation” refers to the change to younger appearance and younger morphological status of microscopic tissue sections of human organs and the creation of regenerative life in the way of regenerative restoration and rejuvenation.

About Dr. Rongxiang Xu:
Dr. Rongxiang Xu is the inventor and founder of “Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science” (HBRRS) and the patentee of damaged organ regeneration scientific route- a top priority claimed in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union, the inventor of patent technological route that human somatic cells convert into pluripotent stem cells and regenerate physiological tissues and organs, as well as the inventor of Potential Regenerative Cell (PRC) patent.

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