DM completes Dubai Map and 360 degree Panorama projects

Dubai: The Geographic Information Systems Department at Dubai Municipality announced the successful completion of Dubai Map and 360 degree Panorama projects.

Abdul Hakim Malik, Director of GIS said that the launch of these projects is aimed to provide integrated geographic information of the Emirate of Dubai and to enable everyone to benefit from them in various fields.

“Dubai Map project is an aerial photography project acquiring high quality colour digital aerial images and orthoimagery of Dubai ‘&’ Hatta with a total area of 5189sq km. Digital aerial images have a high resolution and high accuracy of 15cm and 45cm acquired from the one of the latest UltraCam cameras from Vexcel Imaging. Digital true orthophotos for the urban area with 1319 sq km are available for the first time by GIS Department,” Malik said.

The 360 degree Panorama Project consist of taking pictures using a device made of synchronized cameras equipped with special lens mounted on a car roof or on a tripod as in the case of Historical Building Panorama project for the Architectural and Heritage Department. The project will be published soon on Dubai Municipality website Secondary streets and public parks are also covered instead of covering main streets only, he explained.

These images are stitched together and processed later using some software to form a complete 360 by 180 view for different locations of the emirate of Dubai. Once stitched, the resulting Georeferenced images give the possibility to visit different locations virtually without the need for videotaping or site visiting.

The experiment was created entirely by geographic information systems cadres without any type of external expertise or services, and is also the first of its kind not only at the state level, but the entire region, with an estimated total cost of 178,000 dhs including the cost of the car used for capturing, he added.