DM clinic offers free medical check-up for labourers

Dubai: As part of Holy Ramadan activities, the Dubai Municipality Clinic and Medical Services Section launched a range of community activities in cooperation with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing through the 11th Ramadan Forum, which be held from 24 July to 4 August.

The drive is aimed at spreading awareness on the importance of healthy living. The clinic’s participation in the Ramadan Forum at Al Tawar tent includes an integral medical program for medical check up and awareness on epidemic diseases and sugar.

Distribution of 200 sugar-testing device and medical check-up will be conducted with the participation of private sector.

The awareness and medical check-up for diseases of joints and breast cancer will be organized in cooperation with the Supreme Council, Sharjah, Gulfnet, Garhoud Hostpital and Analin.

In addition, six lectures are organized namely ; Medical Miracles in Quran by Dr. Munir Hamad, Medical Benefits of Fasting by Dr. Bassam Masri, Blood Donation by Dr Amin Al Amiri, Lung Diseases by Dr. Bassam Mehboob, a religious lecture by Ahmed Osman, Diabetes in Ramadan by Abdul Razzaq al-Madani.

Dr. Munir Hamad, Senior Doctor at Municipality Clinic said that a blood donation campaign will be organized on 26 July by the Ministry of Health and other campaign by the Health Authority on 4 August, in addition to a campaign to educate young people to quit smoking.

Among the most prominent initiatives launched by the municipality during the holy month is the treatment of fasting people to support labourers from low-income group on 24 July to 4 August, in the Ramadan tent for workers in Muhaisnah area, Dr. Munir said.

The medical program in tent for workers contains awareness classes on epidemic diseases and tests of diabetes and pressure in addition to the distribution of 300 diabetes testing device,’ he added.